What Is An Attorney At Law ?

Attorney is an abbreviation for attorney at law. Generally, Attorney refers to a lawyer who has successfully qualified the bar exam and is licensed to represent his client in the court. It is an official name for a lawyer in the USA.

Who Is Attorney General ?

The attorney general  ( AG) is the chief  legal advisor to the government of USA ,a cabinet member of USA nominated by the President of the United States and appointed by  the  Senate.

The attorney general prosecutes cases that involve all the government matters, give advice to the president, enforces federal laws, gives legal counsel in federal cases, interprets the laws governing the executive departments, examine the alleged violations of federal laws, supervise the attorneys and marshals of USA in their respective judicial districts and heads federal jails and penal institutions, called upon to represent in Supreme Court of USA in cases of exceptional importance.

Attorney At Law

Can An Attorney Practice Law In Another State ?

Admission to the bar in the USA is the granting of permission by a particular court  to an attorney at law to practice legal profession in the jurisdiction and before those courts An attorney can practice law only in the state where they have  passed the Bar exam but with few  exceptions.

  • The Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) : Unlike the individual state bar examination UBE is standardized. At present, in USA 13 states administer the UBE. The Attorneys who qualify the exam in any UBE state can apply for admission in the bar of another UBE state..
  • Practicing federal law: Attorneys can appear in federal courts outside the state where he / she has qualified the bar examination by applying for admission to appear before each district court.
  • Reciprocity : States having  agreements with other states that allows the legal practitioners

Types Of Attorneys

There are many laws, and there are lawyers who specialize in one or more area of laws based on their specialization they are classified into different types of attorney at law in the United States. They are as follows:

  • Bankruptcy attorney
  • Intellectual Property attorney
  • Employment attorney
  • Business law attorney
  • Corporate /business attorney
  • Immigration attorney
  • Criminal Law attorney
  • Civil law attorney
  • Public Interest attorney
  • Government attorney
  • Private Sector Lawyer
  • Trial attorney
  • Immigration attorney
  • Estate planning attorney
  • Personal Injury attorney
  • Toxic Tort attorney
  • Personal Injury attorney
  • DUI- DWI attorney
  • Military law attorney
  • Environmental law attorney

Lawyer vs Attorney 

A Lawyer is a legally qualified person whereas the attorney is a lawyer who has successfully qualified the bar exam and licensed to represent his client in the court.

Who Are Lawyers?

A legally qualified person is termed as a lawyer even if he or she does not give any legal advice to others . The lawyer who has just completed legal education is not allowed to do certain legal jobs i.e, to represent the client in court until he or she successfully qualify the bar exam conducted in the legal area they wish to practice.

Who Are Attorneys?

Attorney or Attorney at law is a member of legal profession who has successfully qualified the bar exam and is licensed to represent a client in court.  Attorneys act as lawyers but not all lawyers can act as attorneys.

Generally, people get confused in what is the difference between lawyer and attorney and Whether  an attorney and lawyer the same thing?

In USA, Attorney at law is an alternative terms for Lawyer. There is very little difference between lawyer and attorney. Both are legally qualified persons but a lawyer is not licensed to represent his client in the court until he successfully qualifies the bar exam whereas an attorney is a lawyer who has qualified bar exam and can represent his client in the court.

Attorney At Law

What Is Family Law Attorney?

Family law attorneys are legal counsels that specialize in the family law matters. They handle legal issues related to family relations i.e. divorce, legal separation, child custody, estate and wills, guardianship among others. Family law attorneys even act as mediators in family disagreements and help people to settle their disputes outside the court and also represent litigants in family conflicts that end up courts

What Is Juvenile Law Attorney?

A juvenile law attorney represents minors i.e. children under the age of eighteen years in the juvenile civil and criminal courts and makes sure that a juvenile’s rights are fully protected .The juvenile law is different from the law of adults which provides certain privileges to the accused minors.

What Is Banking Law Attorney ?

A banking and finance lawyer gives legal advice, and works on a variety of corporate and finance-related cases, arrange loans to buy companies, finance new business ventures etc.

What Is Insurance Law Attorney?

The job of an Insurance Lawyer is to handle legal matters related to insurance laws and insurance regulations. He works either for the consumer or the insurance company. The job of an Insurance Lawyer hired by the consumer is to collect the facts of the insurance company, research  the laws pertaining to a particular case, represent his  client in court if required,etc. If he is hired by the insurance company, the attorney at law investigates the claims of the customer and determine whether the insurance company is within its rights of the law in denying the claim, represent the company at trial if an agreement is not fulfilled, check the writing of the policies ensuring legal accuracy to avoid any loopholes.

Insurance Attorneys are divided into Two Main Types

  1. Insurance coverage attorneys: they evaluate what is covered under a given insurance policy and up to what amount in a particular insurance contract.
  2. Insurance defense attorneys: they handle the defense of insurance companies in disputes where the insurance company is being asked to pay under a particular policy.

Why Do You Need An Elder Law Attorney?

Elder law attorney handles a wide range of legal issues of an older or disabled person, which include

  • Financial and estate planning,
  • Create a power of attorney,
  • Appointment of a legal guardian
  • Insurance
  • Health care and mental health
  • Medicare/Medicaid claims
  • Social Security and disability planning
  • Long term care planning,
  • Appointment of a legal guardian
  • Retirement,
  • Nursing Homes rights
  • Housing, Elder Abuse,
  • Banking and Investments
  • Trusts,
  • Retirement which include both public and private retirement benefits, pension and survivor benefits 
  • Preservation of assets
  • Transfers
  • Income, estate and Taxes planning
  • Probate etc.

How Much Does An Elder Law Attorney Cost?

The elder law lawyers first charges around $500 or above for an initial, in-person consultation or hourly consultation there after the attorney and the client agree on what work needs to be done its charges.

What is Municipal Law attorney?

The governmental subdivisions are referred to as municipalities possessing corporate status and they are a self governing bodies.

A municipal law attorney may act as an attorney at law before various courts for municipality’s board and commissions, private entities and administrative agencies. They assist in ensuring that the day-to-day operations comply with local, state, and federal laws, municipality’s police power, labor and employment issues, real estate, zoning, land use matters, economic development, imposing of taxes, public bidding and contracts, tax assessments, environmental regulations, and access to public meetings and public information. They can act as private legal counsel for individuals, partnerships, corporations, and other entities as well.

What is Divorce Law Attorney?

Divorce is one of the most serious issues that a married couple can face where it is not possible for them to settle it among themselves. A family lawyer can

  • Act as a mediator
  • Assist in the process of filing a divorce.
  • Settle the matter fairly without going to court.
  • Helps in the division of assets and debt among spouses.
  • Helps to set the terms for child custody and child support.
  • Legal separations through court orders. Etc

What is Tenant Law Attorney?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website provides useful information on tenant rights i.e. state and local resources which include links to fair housing groups, tenant unions, rent control boards, and legal aid organizations.

However, certain issues are not easily resolved, in such a case taking a lawyer’s help might be the best remedy to protect your rights.

Whether you need to hire a tenant attorney at law or not??

Hire an attorney having significant knowledge and experience about landlord-tenant law who can give effective legal strategies or solutions that a tenant might not be aware of if you find yourself in any of the following situation.

  • The Landlord is Evicting You without proper eviction procedure.
  • The Landlord Discriminates Against You
  • The Landlord is not fulfilling his Promises
  • The Landlord did not Make Necessary Repairs
  • You’ve Been Injured by landlord’s carelessness
  • Your personal Property Has Been Damaged etc.

What is Tort Law Attorney?

Tort law attorneys advocate their clients in and outside the court. They make sure that the person causing tort i.e. wrong, injury or damage to another should be held liable for damages for his wrongful conduct and the victim receives fair compensation.

What is Consumer Law Attorney?

The consumer law attorney protects consumers from unfair business practices

  • False and misleading advertising,
  • Warranty violations
  • Personal data theft
  • Fraudulent billing and other deceptive business practices.

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